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Where is Restaurant del Mar born?

Our cuisine is the result of the legacy of recipes from many generations. We come from one of the oldest fishing families in Cambrils, where men brought home ‘leftover’ fish and seafood and wives prepared recipes based on local natural products. “Romesquets”, rice dishes, stews, … All these elaborations have come to our days thanks to the oral tradition. Thanks to Grandma Teresa and Grandpa Tem, they decided to open a small beach bar more than 50 years ago, in which they sold the product that arrived from the ship and their heirs kept the flame alive.
All the elaborations are elaborated in the restaurant, for example the “Fumet” with which we cook the rice and “suquets” since it is prepared in the morning and to a minimum cooking of 4 hours with fish and seafood of our coasts.

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What do our customers think?

“Place and views of 10, even though we wanted to eat on the terrace we decided to eat inside through the air and the huge windows make the views remain 10. We ordered a starter with vermouth and for lunch a rice broth with lobster, all up to expectations, very good, rich and tasty rice, and the attention is very good!”

Dani In Flames

What they tell us about us ...

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Excellent service

“ Very well catered, good value for money. Spectacular seafront views. Variety of dishes and tapas. ”
Vanessa Celles

Lots of variety of dishes

“ Restaurant near the promenade of Cambrils. Variety of mixed dishes, paellas, noodles and fish dishes. Good service and quality. ”
Diana Lumbreras

Good value for money

“ Excellent restaurant, specializing in rice and fideuà. Good value for money and very good wine list. ”
Hernán González

Views in front of the beach

“ Recommended if you want to eat a rich paella !! Unbeatable location in front of the beach on the same promenade of Cambrils. We repeat every year ”
Sandra Gruixut

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