Heirs of good food

The Restaurant

The De la Mar is located in a privileged place, in front of the promenade of Cambrils, overlooking the beach of Cavet and El “Pi Rodó”, the most famous centennial tree on the Costa Daurada. All our tables have sea and horizon views to provide our guests with a sense of tranquility and well-being. Without a doubt, we are the right place for a good meal after a day at the beach or as a desire to unwind with the arrival of the waves in the sand. The restaurant has a large terrace for good weather and a comfortable indoor dining area for colder days.
How can it be otherwise and as the saying goes, “open kitchen, artist’s kitchen”, our stoves are in full view, and any customer can see live how all our dishes are made.

Sit down ...

Our kitchen

Our cuisine has its origins in the grandmothers of the fishermen of Cambrils, who with the fish and seafood that their fishing husbands came home cooked with elaborate bites to achieve the essence of seafood cuisine. These secrets of ancestral cuisine are innovated in our cuisine to transfer them to it while maintaining the virtues and wisdom of them to offer natural flavors that are appreciated by the palate.
From this culinary culture of fishermen we have a proposal of wise dishes and of excellent quality:
Filleted and salted with sea salt, tightly squeezed and well covered with a damp cloth.
We select the most beautiful and strongest, half-fish. In our kitchen we sauté them with love.
Prawns that are born and raised in large marine depressions called, in Catalan, “Clot”. One of the best and of which the highest quality prawns are produced is the “Clot” of Tarragona – At the height of the “Clot” of Palamós.
At depths of forty fathoms are the best Norway lobsters on our coast. A few miles from here, the best seafood on the coast is fished – we know what it is and who fished it.
Before, the lobster was not an appreciated crustacean. When my grandfather Batista, known as the “Pixarró”, fishing master, caught it, he took it home and my grandmother Rosa cooked it with potatoes with the same recipe that you can taste in our house.
Sauce and potatoes, deep-sea monkfish, sole, turbot, rock fish and “arrossejat” as prepared by Tem father who was the conic on board our trawler (the secrets of his good taste in cooking the ” ranxo “he showed it to his wife Tresina).
The best marine pieces of our Mediterranean, enlivened with Siurana oils and with the master touch of the bites – made little by little, with love, patience and a long time, the same as those prepared by my mother Tresina.
Every launch that our drag makes with the extended nets, gathers the fruit that the sea offers us – City in our Mediterranean: for many that our fishermen can bring us these wonders for the palate.

Near the sea, we tasted seafood, excellent universes of taste: we savored and drank from life.